In the age where internet has managed to take over most of our lives and times, the job services have also been greatly influenced by the same. With the internet and the moving of the people into the world of quickness, we are focused in providing a ALL FREE platform where graduates and students can find appropriate jobs according to their preferences.
Employers can easily advertise their job placements to graduates, interns and students and quickly find young dynamic talent to successfully fill short-term as well as long-term job openings across Africa. Our services are FREE and effective means of reaching job candidates internationally.

Working closely with Computento DE, we developed The Student Jobs Africa’s visual brand identity and website design. The logo, the cornerstone piece of the identity, represents the coming together of students and employers and the circular ring of type around the logo is a visual gesture that speaks to unity (bringing everyone together). We chose a modern, geometric typeface that complements the circular logo mark and intentionally kept the graphic language minimal so as not to create any visual dissonance with the 3 partner brand identities which will all live within and alongside the app’s visual identity.

Let’s get to work.

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