A client-managed dedicated development team is the ideal solution when your current project experiences ad-hoc demand in new technologies, extra resources, or domain-specific expertise. Handled by a project manager on your side, Atec Digital’s dedicated development teams will cost effectively fill the gaps in your project ensuring high quality delivery, maximum productivity and unmatched perfection.

Fast Team Formation

Our teams are distributed across varied projects with evolving needs which makes many staff members constantly available for redeployment. We also maintain a list of possible new talent among our staff.

Long-Term Relationship

We have a proven history of successful, long-term relationships with clients globally. Our professional African development teams are good in building lasting relationships, allowing us to work together efficiently.

Your Team and Our Team

Whether at the business or technical level, we strive to fit into your team so that we collaborate toward mutual success. In fact, our goal is to remove the concept of “our team” and “your team” by seamless collaboration.

Attention to Detail

Our enthusiastic spirit and attention to details allow us to add great value to businesses of all kinds. Take advantage of our years of experience in building complex mobile and web applications by setting up a team at Atec Digital.

Our Dedicated Teams offer clients a simple, affordable answer to build-up of any software development project: we will set up teams for development, testing and quality assurance. Team sizes are adjusted to accommodate changing requirements and other needs. We provide experts with specialized skills as needed for particular tasks. This flexible methodology renders the software development process more unambiguous and user-friendly and guarantees better resource efficiency.

Let’s get to work.

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